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SD 57069, USA  

Phone: +01(605)549-5106

Detector Grade HPGe Crystals

    We customize the needs of detector grade HPGe Crystals. Currently, we are capable of producing HPGe crystals with a net impurity level between 6x109cm-3 and 3x1010cm-3 and a dislocation density between 300cm-2 and 7,000cm-2. Crystals can be up to 10cm in diameter and 6cm in length.
    Delivery schedule: if the order is 1~10 kg, delivery within three (3) months; 10~20 kg, deliver within four (4) months; 20~30 kg, delivery within six (6) months. Feel free to contact us with questions.

    Our detector grade crystals can be used for various application purpose such as plannar detector, coaxial detector or p-type point contact(PPC) detector. Here are some examples of detector appliction:
(1) A plannar detector with Amorphous Ge contacts was made by Mark Amman at LBNL. The electrical contact structure and the testing results are presented below:

(2) A large size crystal has been fabricated in to SuperCDMS type detector (10cm x 2.3cm) by Texas A&M University. Four Am sources were installed on a plate above the detector. Pinholes sit on the radial midpoint of each electrode and let decay products through to the crystal. Operation temperature is about 50 mK. The detector structure and performance are showing below: